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The Commercial Real Estate Lending Revolution Begins

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BOISE, Idaho, June 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ –�The LendingCoin, located in Boise, Idaho, will solidify a prominent and historic position in the banking and finance world. The LendingCoin will be the first investment firm to refinance a commercial real estate property using Blockchain Technology. This will be the first ever blockchain recorded lending transaction with a cryptocurrency that is backed by real estate. Dave, owner of La Vie Nail Spa, who is refinancing his property on the corner of Overland and Cloverdale, commented, "This is an exciting time for all of us. I’m saving money and disrupting an entire industry at the same time."

The LendingCoin enables commercial property owners who currently have loans through traditional banks to refinance their properties at interest rates starting at .25% below commercial prime rates, saving the borrower thousands of dollars every year. The blockchain is a digitized, distributed and secure ledger that guarantees immutable transactions. This solves trust and security problems when two parties exchange value. By leveraging blockchain technology, The LendingCoin is revolutionizing the financing system; creating a new and improved method of lending and ultimately, delivering incredible value to commercial property owners so that they can reinvest in their business.

"Our goal is to improve on the conventional financing system, and by offering interest rates that are un-matched by any financial institution, we can pass those savings on to the borrower–blockchain technology is the vehicle to help us achieve this," said Sam Warren, CEO of The LendingCoin.

Ending with, "What was once considered unimaginable, has now become a reality."

The LendingCoin has a highly skilled and seasoned team of professionals with exceptional expertise and combined experience of more than a hundred years in finance technology. Their experience ranges from highly successful entrepreneurs, information technology specialists, legal experts and real estate developers. The TLC team has developed a long-term strategic plan, using The LendingCoin tokens to satisfy the loan. The borrower pays a fixed monthly payment in USD and TLC converts the dollars to tokens to satisfy the debt on the blockchain. The tokens are used as a repayment medium, leading to continuously renewed demand. This self-sustaining ecosystem, put in place by the team, enables a painless and value-added refinancing alternative that benefits both the token holders and property owners alike.

If you are interested in more information about TLC from an investors’ perspective or refinancing a commercial property, please contact:

About The LendingCoin

The LendingCoin (TLC), is a real estate investment opportunity created on the Blockchain. TLC investments are backed by the refinancing of commercial property with proven value. TLC allows investors the opportunity to partner in larger commercial investment projects while maintaining liquidity! No more traditional and archaic financing! The LendingCoin’s blockchain-empowered real estate funding platform is the highest security in lending. TLC’s Platform provides full transparency, an immutable ledger, easy tracking and no fine print.

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